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Some History

Travis is thrilled to be able to contribute to long-standing tradition of guitar supports that are designed to help players find comfortable positions and to enhance the quality of their practice and performance.

Having struggled with back and shoulder pain from a young age, Travis sought out to find a solution that would help him to manage the physical stress of practice and performance.


In the summer of 2020, Travis had an "Aha!" moment after imagining what it would be like for someone to hold the instrument for him instead of having to brace the instrument with his body. After many trips to the hardware store, Travis was ready for some professional advice. 


By November of 2021, Travis had his first prototype after contracting with his Grandpa Morrie, an artist and architect.


In January of 2021, Travis began contracting with a local CNC machinist and woodworker to produce this new device on a larger scale. 

Travis now does his own CNC work and continues to finish each product by hand in the garage. 

Morris Jackson with AUX Support Prototype
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