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What are people saying about the AUX?

Yuri Liberzon 
Internationally acclaimed concert classical guitarist and recording artist

"With a little time I have been able to spend with the device, I can say that it is fantastic for a professional guitarist. Being able to practice at least some of the time standing up can be beneficial for body health in both short and long term. Having played the guitar for 34 years sitting down, I find relief in being able to change playing position and still be making progress in my practice."

Marisol Rampolla
Classical Guitarist and Instructor at Community College of Philedelphia

"Since I’ve started using my AUX Instrumental Support in February, it has relieved all the pressure and pain in my lower back. It has allowed me to heal by having this other option of practicing standing up. My whole body is totally relaxed, and I’ve been able to focus on the music once again."

Dr. Morgan Stuart
Director of Guitar 
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
La Villa School of the Arts 

"My name is Dr. Morgan Stuart, I am the Director of Guitar at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been using the Aux guitar support in my classrooms as an alternative to the traditional footstool. It provides me with a chance to stand while I teach, which greatly reduces any back pain issues I have, and allows my students a better view of my hands while performing and introducing new techniques. One of the hidden benefits that I have noticed was an increase in volume and relaxation while performing with the Aux Guitar Support. I encourage classroom teachers and performers to try out this inventive new guitar support."

Tejay Liao
Master of Music Candidate at McGill University, teacher, performer, and live-streamer

Vancouver,  B.C.

"initial thoughts: it was a little bit tricky to get it set up at first, but that was very likely just user error. as a consequence, the felt thing that braces the guitar also detached a couple of times. after the initial setup, it was pretty much flawless on the support side of things. the suction cups felt strong and stable and I had no issue with the arms of the support slipping even while supporting my weight. I think that the mic stand is where the largest instability came from, but since that's going to be remedied with the tripod in development, it's probably not going to be much of a problem in the future. playing while standing left me feeling pretty refreshed and it was nice to stretch my legs and take a break from the excessive amount of hours that I normally spend sitting on any given day. I felt that it was easy to switch between standing and sitting. there wasn't as much of an adjustment period as I thought there would be in getting used to the support. within a few hours of playing it felt pretty natural to hold the guitar while standing and I wasn't worried about letting my body weight hang off of the neck. overall I thought it was nice to use and I'm looking forward to seeing what the strap // tripod additions will be like."

Simon Farintosh
Doctoral Candidate at University of Toronto, teacher and performer 

Toronto,  B.C.

"The AUX guitar support has streamlined my recovery process from a painful shoulder injury, allowing me to practice for longer hours with minimal discomfort. I highly recommend this support to anyone who is looking to improve their ergonomics on the instrument!"

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